Ežys | Giga Club


Ežys is a mobile prepaid card for the young. One day they’ve shifted their focus on data and internet, and Ežys had to find their voice among the ones who use it the most – generation X. 


Enter monthly Youtube series on all thing internet with a fresh and relatable host from generation X. The brand started to talk like the young people, on their most visited platform, sharing their most common subject – the Internet. Every episode covered a hot topic, like Tinder, Facebook, Spotify, Snapchat. Every video featured a guest – an internet celebrity who would give advice on their 5 dos and don’ts online. Mix all that with funny stage settings, dynamic jokes, internet memes, and we got what we wanted. 2, 5 million outstanding views in total, 20,000 subscribers, 2,000 likes per episode approximately. 7 minutes of branded content per month built a fan base spilling positive comments and asking for more once they’ve watched the video. All that has made Ežys way more relatable to the target audience.