Red Cross | Social campaign that encourages support to lonely seniors


On April, when people are doing their taxes, lots of institutions ask to donate 2 % of income tax. Social organizations are most active during those days because it’s crucial for them to collect that percentage of funds. Therefore, our challenge was to stand out from the other applicants and provoke people to donate to the Lithuanian Red Cross.

Our Solution

People understand that our society is aging. It’s a complex problem which we need to solve together with politicians and active members of our community. We also know of the necessity to take care of lonely seniors. However, from a personal perspective, people feel they are too busy to take real actions, so we decided to show that the Lithuanian Red Cross is taking care of it for them. The only thing they need to do is to donate this 2 %. We decided to draw people’s attention with a delicately humorous situation and minimal but charming animation style.