Telia | Grow Online


The internet is a real shapeshifter. It can show up in the form of knowledge, entertainment, and good emotions, while it can also be a source of fraud, bullying, and threats. The greatest dangers online concern the kids. Telia has developed a website Augu internete (I Grow Up Online) to advise and educate parents, teachers, and everyone, who is faced with a lot of internets while growing up. The challenge for us was to find a way to communicate about the platform effectively. We also had to create invitations for famous online personalities to the Child Safety Day event, where this educational initiative was introduced.


In order to reveal at least two faces of the Internet, we invited a few underaged online vlogers and their parents to talk to cameras separately. The kids talked about their experiences creating public videos, and parents shared their understanding of what their children were doing online. We filmed parents’ reactions listening to their children’s stories – they were overwhelmed by some details. With these genuine videos we manage to reflect on the real situation about the Internet threats to minors, not neccessarily known to even their closest people. We used the same voice of honesty when creating invitations to famous people – on the invitations, we used the real names of their children (names that were available to the public). The impact was real and strong.