#Užkalbink day | Social initiative that encourages random interactions

Birth of an idea

We all know how Lithuanian people often tend to be very modest and self-contained. But everyone can agree that a good conversation is sometimes healthier than any amount of carrot juice, balanced breakfast, or even an evening jog. Talking face to face is refreshing, inspiring, and fun! So why not to just step over your boundaries and make a conversation with a random stranger?

Inspired by the rebirth of the city in the spring, the new initiative was born – Small Talk Day. The target of the action is to give people a little push to start a conversation with a total stranger without any particular reason.

First steps

The initiative encouraged people to start a conversation in the street, bus, elevator, or any other public space and at least for one day, turn Vilnius into the most friendly city around.

Don’t really know how? All the conversation topics run out after the first question about the weather? No problem! We made unique posters and flyers with the conversation starters to get you talking and induce to make your small talk go big.

Flyers and posters with conversation starters were placed in various bars, restaurants, coffee shops and street corners across the city. We also asked people to share the most interesting conversations on social media with the hashtag #užkalbink.

Burst into bloom

We not only received tons of interesting and inspiring stories from the people, but the initiative was also noticed and friendly received by the media which resulted in various articles about it helping to spread the word.

We feel proud that the Small Talk Day inspired people of Vilnius to open their hearts and ears and take one step forward to being the friendliest city in the world not for one, but for all the days to come.