Akropolis | Joy


Akropolis is the largest shopping and entertainment center in Lithuania – size, and assortment. Naturally, coziness is not the strong suit of Akropolis, because not everyone likes the magnitude or the number of people and activities there. Similarly, the promise of size implies that Akropolis is not the best choice for a rushing customer. The client wanted to lower the volume of the message about the site itself and to highlight the positive experiences for the consumer that comes from the range of entertainment and leadership. 


We wanted to communicate a new message clearly – Akropolis is not only a mall where you go when you need something, and you know you’ll find it there, but a place where the shopping experience is the most enjoyable. Here you have the most significant chance to meet friends, here is the highest amount of entertainment and surprises. Which means that while you’re shopping, you’ll get to do more in the same amount of time. In other words, Akropolis is a place with many ways to experience joy. So we have created a surreal creature named Džiaugsmas (Joy) – nobody can see it, but it measures the level of customer emotions. Each time purchase or activity in Akropolis make you happy – the character grows in size from how much joy it experiences. 

Daugiau džiaugsmo

Daugiau džiaugsmo