D.Efect | The Beauty of Imperfection


We are constantly bombarded with the images that have no flaws. Notably, in a fashion where women and clothes seem to be refined to complete perfection. A fashion house from Lithuania, D.Efect has entered this stage having another perspective – to celebrate the beauty of imperfection. The brand is striving for the effect of a defect. They do it through their brand voice and clothes – creating wearable designs that have unique details to make them different, such as asymmetry, purposeful rips, and oversizes. We took a challenge to express this attitude in a video form. 


The Beauty of Imperfection is a motto created by D.Efect that really encompasses its approach to aesthetics. This was the case we didn’t offer any alternative, knowing that it’s in harmony with the whole brand vision. So we took it and simply extended the idea by showing the imperfect side of fashion – beautiful models shared their insecurities and so-called flaws. The idea became alive and, which added to the brand feel approachable and human.