Baby Writers | Campaign for indie bookstores

The backstory

There’s a tiny bookstore in Vilnius, Lithuania, called Mint Vinetu. As you can imagine, it is hard for them to afford the services of a creative agency. Yet, in our opinion, the work they do – selling used & new books is essential. So to keep them running their beautiful shop, every year we create crafty visuals. We don’t get paid for this, and that is fine.

This year, after spending 4 months together with post-production wizards Eastern Affair & photography magicians Smena creating the current Mint Vinetu’s visuals that feature baby Hemingway, baby Twain, and baby Shakespeare, we thought to ourselves – couldn’t this be a worldwide gift from us to all the small independent bookstores worldwide?

So here it is – these visuals could be yours in several formats with
your logo in them. Use them as posters or for your social media –
it’s up to you.

The basic idea

We created a beautiful ad and you can have it pro bono for your
own shop. Claim the Baby Writers campaign for your bookstore.