Baby Writers | Campaign for indie bookstores


Mint Vinetu is a small independent bookstore in Vilnius, which lives from selling used books. The core of the business is transparent – people bring in the books they don’t or won’t read anymore, sell it for a symbolic price, and Mint Vinetu will find a new home for them.

Our Solution

A book is only alive when it is read. So we invite people to bring their dusty old classics and give new life for Hemingways, Twains or Shakespeares. For somebody, this will be a huge find, a fantastic encounter. We show very literally how newborn Ernest, Mark & William would look like. And who can resist the selling power of the kids, right? Even if they have a mustache.


This campaign has just started. We’ll update the results once they’re in.

Baby writers project

To have more impact, we decided to share this work with other small bookstores across the globe.  Check it out