Lithuania | Real is Beautiful


When almost every travel destination shouts about how incredible/amazing/extraordinary it is, how can Lithuania make itself heard? This was a task we received from the Department of Tourism.


After many hours of thorough research trying to identify how Lithuania is different from other countries and what would attract visitors here, we’ve decided that we must communicate a little differently. Only by being honest instead of boastful, by talking, not shouting, we can invite people to visit us. The idea behind our brand new tourism slogan: LITHUANIA. REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.
The message is a point of view we all share: us – enjoying life in this country, and travelers, in search of authentic experiences.
The new slogan and positioning are supported by the visual identity, at the center of which is a postage stamp.
A reminder of those sweet shivers we get when we receive a postcard from afar. To make our message even more apparent, we’ve created additional stamps. Each one identifies a specific aspect of tourism, whether it’s nature, culture, food, outdoor activities, or meeting local people.