Mint Vinetu | Books Change with You


Mint Vinetu is an independent bookstore in Vilnius Old Town, where good people meet. They offer used books, as well as some cultural events and mint tea. In 2011 we created a print campaign Become Someone Else to promote Mint Vinetu and reading books. The campaign was met with great success, shared and discussed in blogs worldwide. Our challenge this year was to top that and to find a new way to remind people why it’s still worth to grab a book nowadays and to do that in Mint Vinetu.


Since Mint Vinetu offers mostly secondhand books, we came up with an idea to encourage reading the same book for the second time or reconsider reading classics if you haven’t. In this way, we were able to address people who think their job with literature is done because they’ve read the famous books at school. As well as the ones who haven’t even tried reading those because they’ve heard people talking about the literal plot and felt put off by it. Our idea was to illustrate that the same book can be read in at least two different ways, depending on your age and life experience so prominent stories deserve a chance. The new print campaign was shortlisted in 19th European creative advertising awards, Golden Drum.