MO museum | Nostalgia as a time travel machine


New technologies this, new technologies that – who still remember the 90’s, when there was no Internet, no smartphones and no ridiculous fashion? MO Museum decided to challenge the nostalgic times and check if people would like to refresh their memory by organising “The Origin of Species: 1990s DNA” – an exposition of artifacts from the ’90s. We were asked to intrigue the Museum’s customers even more, by finding a way to creatively remind people about the history they thought was already gone.


There is nothing more nostalgic than your own past. We encouraged people to remember their own 90’s, collected their stories and used them for the advertising campaign. The best, the funniest and the most relatable memories were used in banners, social media, TVC stories and even audio guides. Results? Ticket sales increased by 124% and 4 times more exhibition catalogues than expected were sold.